There are not openings at this time

Minimum Prerequisites to Coach at SCCF :
1 ) Must consistently CrossFit (i.e. 3 times a week).
2) Must have a passion for teaching and life long learning.
3) Must present an attitude of encouragement.
4) Must be a SCCF member for 1+ years.
5) Must consistently participate in Golden Lion Tournament.
6) Must consistently participate in SCCF community events.
7) Must participate in sharing the SCCF opportunity and lifestyle.

Recommended steps to becoming an SCCF Coach :
1) If and opening occurs inquire directly to the owners : John and Kelly.
2) Must become CF-L1 Certified.
3) Attend regular coaches meetings.
4) Mentor under existing coach(s) 30+ hours.
5) Must agree to yearly participation in extended education seminar / certification
6) Must agree to SCCF NDA contract and W-9.

As a Coach at SCCF:
Coaches of SCCF embody the heart of a champion – which means you have standards and excellence in all that you do; loyalty to the SCCFamily; consistency which means you are working to be a better version of yourself today than yesterday; longevity which you see yourself begin a part of the SCCF movement and who believe they are able to commit for an extended period of time; have (HOW) : Honesty, Openmindess and Willingness of heart and mind.