A sense of community exists between the people that go and the instructors which helps encourage everyone to show up to class even if it is at 6 in the morning. The classes and the experience was worth MUCH more than I paid for them. - Satisfied Customer

My sister has been doing crossfit near my hometown for 3 years. I seen the positive changes in her body, confidence and outlook on life. When I saw a groupon coupon for South Coast Crossfit (SCCF), I knew I had to try it.
You are required to take the 6 on-ramp classes to instruct you on various lifts and techniques. It can be alittle overwhelming with the amount of information you need to learn but they always review the lifts and the WOD before the WOD starts.
I have found the instructors and owners to be very supportive of the members. They want you to do your personal best. This is also reflected in the members of SCCF. They are also supportive and helpful.
Thank you SCCF for creating an environment where one can push and improve their physical self and feel a sense of accomplishment. - Mary D.

But don’t be afraid.. You won’t immediately be thrown into the fire. You start with 1 introductory class, then 6 “On Ramp” classes which will teach you about form, technique, and what to expect from a WOD (Workout of the Day). It is after your 6th On Ramp class that you advance into the regular Group Class level. - Satisfied Customer

Can’t say enough good things about this place!! Great training atmosphere to be in. The teachers are knowledgeable about what they do!! And easy to talk to.
Very nice size classes so you’re not cramped in.
Organization is great!! pertaining to the different workouts, and correcting your form. - Chris P.

This crossfit gym is amazing. I am constantly coached and challenged and never feel intimidated or unfit. I often feel like I am getting personal training sessions when I attend the classes. - Satisfied Customer

Thanks to Groupon, I recently took a sip of the Crossfit “cult” Kool-Aid at South Coast Crossfit. And I’ll tell you what; I found that Kool-Aid to be quite refreshing!
But let me also tell you a few things about Crossfit in general (not just this location): Don’t come to Crossfit to lose weight or to get into shape. You need to already BE in good shape to even be able hang with these workouts. Most of the workouts are only around 15 to 30 minutes in duration. However, not only will these be some of the most intense minutes that you can imagine, the warm ups and cool downs proceeding/following are tougher than most regular full workouts you would encounter anywhere else.
But don’t be afraid.. You won’t immediately be thrown into the fire. You start with 1 introductory class, then 6 “On Ramp” classes which will teach you about form, technique, and what to expect from a WOD (Workout of the Day). It is after your 6th On Ramp class that you advance into the regular Group Class level. Group Classes are limited to around 10-14 people, giving you plenty of ass-kicking attention from your instructor. The class size also lends itself to a built in feeling of both competition and comradery. You’re all in this together; but who can do it best? It’s an absolute pleasure to be surrounded by the type of hyper driven people that you’ll meet at Crossfit. - Aaron L.

I bought the Groupon and have recently graduated out of their Olympic lifting classes called on-ramp. I hold seven PT certification and have tried many other popular fitness programs. I also study kinesiology as a grad student and have had reconstructive surgery on both my ACL.
So far I am impressed, I have heard a lot of stories from my colleagues and clients about the lack of proper handing of equipment from cross fits but I have seen this not to be the case. John the owner of the gym was very thorough about what to expect during the intro; he emphasized proper pacing, communication and using the trainers as a resource to learn and grow as athletes. In on-ramp class we conducted our lifts and talked about safety and form while practicing on light bars. The entire time the coaches were sensitive to my past injury and found ways of changing the work outs to fit my needs.
Now that I am in group class (it took me six sessions to graduate) I have found that my idea of how fit I really am certainly challenged. Some of the greatly experienced members of class can be pretty intimidating to watch but they are so very approachable and love to share times and their experiences. - Leigh R.

I found SCCF on living social roughly a month back and so far so great! The beginner on-ramp classes were perfect for me, a first time to cross fit, and I’ve officially jumped into the group classes. I have a lot to learn but am extremely impressed with the instructors and the variances in classes.
I’m dumbfounded with the negative notes. It’s amazing what people complain about and how expectations need to be tempered and realistic.
If you’re looking for a new box or just interested in a trial run, I highly recommend taking advantage of the groupon / living social offer. The deal is amazing and I’m looking forward to joining officially after my trial run.
Logistically, SCCF’s is perfectly located right off the 405 and/or 55. I come in from Irvine and am able to get there in 15-20 mins (20 mins during traffic). Sergio G.

I signed up on the Groupon deal back in January. I got so sore I could barely walk, and I sucked at everything. John, the owner, was coaching the On Ramp classes, and I told him I didn’t think I could do CrossFit. He told me to use less weight and keep working on my technique. He was absolutely right! Nine months later I am a devoted member. I may not lift as much as some other members, but I am continually improving and I am stronger than I ever have been. At first I couldn’t run 400 meters without walking part of the way, now I can run a mile in about 9 1/2 minutes. For the first time in my life I have 6-pack abs! All this at 48 years old!
The facility is basic, nothing fancy, but I love the group spirit – I push myself harder because of the encouragement of my classmates and coaches. - Richard C.

This is my 5th month at SCCF and all I can say is “I want more”. I’m in the military and I wanted a challenge and I found it at SCCF. Kelly is awesome, down to earth and motivating, John is knowledgeable and firm.
This gym has the best prices in town, good community and very flexible with your schedule.
I know they are new and working their way up, but their equipment at times isn’t enough for the size of the class. I know with time they will expand and gear up.
Keep up the good work guys. You will definitely be successful. - Jessy L.

I have to say, after 3 weeks of South Coast Crossfit, I am not only experiencing huuuuge improvements in my strength, but also flexibility, endurance and confidence! John and Kelly are very thorough in their coaching and I have learned so much from them already. The box does a paleo challenge that I signed up for and have already fallen in love with the diet. They also have 2 a week nutritional meetings to answer any questions you may have. The community there is great. We did a team workout on my first day of group classes and everyone pushed me and gave me cheers of support all the way to my last rep. I’m here to stay. Just come and leave it all out on the mat before you leave. You’ll change dramatically if you just push yourself to the limit every time. Take it from me 😉 - Carlos M.

I have been coming to SCCF since Feb 2013. My wife got me the groupon for Valentine’s Day (hint hint). Anyways I was already very intrigued about Crossfit, and I hated traditional gyms, so I was pumped to get into the onramp classes. I also got a buddy to come with me (get a work out buddy it keeps you from quitting!) I was gassed during on- ramp, and those were just pvc pipes! I usually go to the six am classes, and get Seth as a coach, Seth is awesome. He knows I try to cut corners and won’t let me and I love him for that. John is a great instructor as well, he is a great teacher and super specific . Its a young gym and you can tell they are still developing their culture and traditions, but the members that I train with are all super friendly and we all get jazzed when someone pr’s or hits a cf milestone ( first kipping pull up, first muscle up etc). I hope to be at South Coast Crossfit for a while, the results are awesome and the crew there is the best. I would recommend this Box to anyone looking to give crossfit a try. - Josh S.

This time last year I weighed about 165-170 lbs., I had gotten into long distance running a few years earlier, but was itching for something new; a challenge – enter South Coast and Crossfit. The first three weeks were the sorest I’ve ever been in my entire life, but almost a year later, now at 130lbs. and significantly stronger, I’ve never been that sore again.
John and Kelly are the owners and main instructors at the gym, both have a background in Crossfit and have participated in other sports (Kelly in cheer-leading and John in rock climbing). I have felt very comfortable being coached by them and both are dedicated to keeping you safe while getting results.
Over the last year they’ve expanded their class availability to fit with more diverse lifestyles and have also added yoga twice a week. The facility is spacious and clean and there is plenty of equipment.
South Coast gave me the tools I needed to start my lifestyle overhaul, but I made the commitment and the results I’ve seen speak for themselves. - Mandy M.

I discovered this place from a Groupon deal, and can’t say enough good things about it, but here is a list:
1. No problems signing up for classes. I have a busy schedule, but I’ve never had any problems signing up for classes or getting into a class. I hope they add weekend classes, but I understand that coaches need days off too! I am glad I don’t have to wait for machines to open up like I did at the gym.
2. Great coaches! John King, the owner is really great and all the coaches really want you to have good form. If they see someone doing an exercise with bad form, they will help you until you fix it. I really appreciate that. There are some exercises I had been doing incorrectly at the gym for years! I’ve had more personal attention here in just a few classes than I had in YEAR at my gym.
3. Class size is great. Both the coaches and other students are nice and supportive. SCCF debunked all the crazy crossfit stories I had heard about coaches pushing people too far. Here, they give you personal attention and lots of encouragement. They make sure your workout is fit for your personal progress and strength.
4. Customer service/response. This is self-explanatory. Kelly and John are good about responding when a response is needed, and have helpful advice! - Aastha M.

Bought the Amazon deal. Had only amazing experience for a first time CrossFitter.
The WOD’s are always different, working out different areas of the body, pretty crazy and awesome work outs.
John and Kelly are the owners and main instructors. They definitely do pretty good job coaching.
South Coast CrossFit is worth of your $$$.
The community there is great, instructors were genuinely great. - Renata C.

I’ve seen improvement in roughly three weeks time! I was a first timer to cross fit and if you’re, I highly suggest taking your time with the on-ramp classes. This way you can build up steam towards the group classes. Highly recommended! - Sergio

I first got introduced to Crossfit at another gym but found myself getting frequently injured bc the trainer would seriously pressure you to up your weight and didn’t emphasize proper form. Here I really appreciate how patient and helpful the trainers are, they encourage you to do your best but not in a scary, aggro way. This is a good-sized gym with lots of proper equipment. The best part is the support that the other members give you. I feel so much stronger and more fit than any other training I’ve ever done, including marathon training. I would absolutely encourage anyone who is interested to try it out. - J.O.

The three coaches I had the pleasure of working with was Jack(John2), Seth, and John (who uncannily is a spitting image of the guy from The Girl Next Door movie). You can definitely tell they are genuinely great guys and want to help you improve so it’s really easy to be giving them 100% every workout. When I expressed a desire to learn kipping pull-ups, Seth even asked me to come in early or stay after a workout so he can teach me, and he gladly held up his end. The coaching staff is definitely the best part about this box.
The bottom line is that this place is great and has tons of potential to be the most awesome box around. And I totally don’t doubt that they eventually will be.
… and did I mention that Speed Racer coaches here? - CJ.E.

Clean. Snatch. WOD. Jerk. Squat. Box. Pull. Press. Rx. What in the hell does all of this mean? Who cares! This is a cool gym that kicks my ass daily. Kaan K.

I love South Coast Crossfit! I’ve been going here for about 9 months and have experienced a marked difference in my strength, agility, skills, and just general fitness. Crossfit in general is an awesome way to challenge yourself, and it’s such an encouragement to have coaches who care about proper form and personal progress.
Outside of an excellent fitness experience, SCCF is great for community. There is a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the members and Grouponers; in fact, the other members were the main reason I decided to stick with SCCF after my Groupon expired.
Check it out! The 6 foundation classes, called On-Ramp, can be a little tedious, but stick with it! They are so important for actual workouts and they are over with pretty quickly. It’s definitely worth the Groupon, and I think, so much more! - Alex T.

The owners of the gym are very nice and they seem to actively develop a supportive culture in the gym. So, it’s nice to go there. Think of Cheers without the beer and the beer belly. - Michael D.

Hey Kelly and John –

Today was my last day at SCCF. I’m gonna miss everyone so much and appreciate everything you guys have taught me. I came to you guys during a very tough time in my life, I had lost my 57 year old mother about 9 months earlier, SCCF gave me a reason to not stew in my heartbreak. I will always remember that. I need to take a break for a bit I have some financial things I need to take care of. I hope to be back in a few months. Please know that you both have been the best and I am blessed to have known you. I just wanted to say thank you for everything! God bless you and your family! - Danielle R.

South Coast Crossfit is awesome! I’ve been a runner since I was a teenager and have never really explored any other types of workouts. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about CrossFit in general so I looked into it and starting going to South Coast CrossFit since they had a groupon going at the time. In the short time that I’ve been going to SCCF, I’ve noticed my strength increasing and I really enjoy working out other than just running. All the Coaches are really encouraging which makes me determined to get in the best workout I can. I totally recommend SCCF! - Adrienne M.

Yes, I drank the cross fit Koolaid!! This place is my first cross fit experience, but I am very happy with it so far. You are required you take a minimum of 6 on ramp(beginner) courses before you are eligible to join a regular workout to ensure you have the proper technique before adding additional weight. Crossfit is by far the best workout I’ve experienced among the various options out there. The instructors are knowledgeable and the workout kicks your *ss and will remind you how out of shape you are, but it’s a love/hate relationship that will keep you coming back for more!! - Ted D.

I started at SCCF through a groupon promo which was a good deal.
The on-ramp classes give the basics for lift and form that will be used for a typical work out. I really like South Coast Cross Fit. They have a good staff and everyone is incredibly friendly. I have attended a number of bootcamp and other fitness programs but hadn’t tried crossfit. I thought the specific movements would lead to boring workouts but each day they have a creative challenging workout.
Additionally, there is always someone around that is willing to help you master a movement or improve your form. This is a great box with good people. - Steve H.

“After I started crossfit, going back to 24/la fitness/cookie cutter gym just isn’t the same.”
Probably the most common thing you’ll hear with newcomers, and it’s absolutely why I’m still committed. Since this type of membership ain’t cheap… be proactive with each session.
1) Use coaches to perfect your form. The last thing ANYONE wants is that you injure yourself.
2) It’s easy to slack off even when you’re at your gym already. We’ve all been there… I get lazy all the time. Get to know your fellow Wodders. Having people motivate you and push you through that last set, or one more rep, makes all the difference.
– Put 100% effort. If you do it here, it’ll positively affect the rest of areas in your life, as well.
Basically you’ll be stronger, fitter, and therefore less grouchy. I’m trying to rid the world of all the grouches. - Patrick S.

After being new to the area, I decided to try SCCF with a groupon offer. I was hooked! I soon became a member and excelled in my fitness goals. Attending SCCF is not only about getting in shape, its also about community and being apart of a new wave of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately I had to leave the gym due to job relocation, but you can bet I will be back if I ever get a job in that area again!
I can not say enough good things about this gym and what the trainers have to offer 🙂 - Erika H.

Ive been coming to South Coast Crossfit for over a year now – stemmed from the guilt I had from purchasing the groupon (for the 2nd time) and not using it, so I finally went.
I can honestly say that joining this box was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. These people are like a second family to me! I get in a great, challenging workout at 6am and get to hang out with my friends to start my days.
I LOVE SCCF!! Shoutout to Seth for never letting up on me and dealing with my daily complaints! Diane N.

Overall, I’ve have been thoroughly enjoying my classes at South Coast CrossFit and would definitely recommend this place to others! I like that the trainers know what they are doing and are very helpful during the classes! Keep kicking my butt and I’ll keep enjoying it! - Satisfied Fast Start 20 Sessioneer

My friend Dan has been working out here for a while, and he said it was a great crossfit box. He’s tried out about 5 different ones, and he likes South Coast CrossFit the best.
Like many people, I bought a Groupon deal. My deal was for 1 month of unlimited classes. Because I’ve had crossfit experience, I was able to test out of the On-Ramp classes with the owner/trainer John. He was incredibly nice and accommodating to my schedule in terms of fitting in a testing after an Introductory class.
I started taking group classes that day, and have been coming as many times as I can M-F. I’ll switch off between the 9 AM and 12 PM classes with Seth and John as the coaches. They’re both really friendly and helpful when I’m working on my form. What’s great is that I get more personalized attention that I did at my last crossfit box, because the classes are significantly smaller. Maybe I come at unpopular times, but I’ve never had a problem with getting into a class. There usually aren’t more than 10 people each class.
They had a special WOD on 4th of July which totally kicked my butt! I love how encouraging everyone is in there. They really helped me push through the workout and encouraged me to work harder.
Everyone that I’ve met at SCCF is super friendly. There aren’t any elitist type of attitudes that I’ve experienced at other places. I really appreciate this.
Everyday is a completely different workout, so I never know what I’m going to get. It’s great to keep my body guessing. Since I’ve been coming, I’ve leaned up quite a bit. I’m sure if I took some nutrition advice from Kelly, I’d probably be leaner.
Another great thing about this box, is that they have a vendor that sells pre-made Paleo meals through them. So if you don’t have time to shop, prepare, and cook, this is a perfect way for you to eat Paleo! It’s not too expensive. Cheaper and healthier than eating out.
If you’re considering whether you should try SCCF out, you definitely should. Come in with an open heart and an open mind. You’ll be in good hands. They’ll welcome you with open arms and help you achieve whatever fitness goals you’re looking for. Kelly & John live, sleep, eat, and breathe crossfit. - Heather L.

I first discovered SCCF from a groupon deal. I didn’t know much about crossfit at the time other than it seemed like an overpriced way to get a workout. Therefore, I started it with reservations and it wasn’t until my first group class that I began to see why people have a hard time quitting.
The owners (John and Kelly) and instructors at this particular rotation spend 6 on-ramp sessions with you working on form so you don’t hurt yourself. They’re friendly, encouraging and very motivating! The movements are very different than what most people are used to, even if you work out regularly at the gym. Therefore, its extremely important to hone in your skills during the on-ramp classes. I’ve heard of other boxes that don’t teach you form and I can’t even imagine what that would be like….injury!
Now I’m 8 months in and I absolutely love it! I’ve lost 10 lbs and gone down 2 belt sizes. Furthermore, I feel more well rounded overall and I’m also making better dietary choices. After my 20 sessions expired with the groupon it was a tough decision deciding to stay since I pay $100/year at 24 hour fitness. The difference being that at crossfit you have a well set agenda, you are working out with motivated individuals and you don’t have to wait around for equipment. Plus, SCCF has very nice equipment, nice people and the instructors ensure you are using proper form.
I don’t really have any complaints about this location, but if I had one suggestion it would be to possibly get more equipment. Often the evening classes are full and sometimes there isn’t enough equipment for everyone. This usually isn’t a problem though because the workouts are then done in different heats. Therefore, everyone still gets an equal workout. I think its challenging since many new people are constantly joining and its a prime hour to workout right after work. I think John and Kelly do a great job of organizing the business though.
Some of the earlier comments others have left are offensive and I’d definitely take them with a grain of salt.
Thanks South Coast, you rock! - Josh W.

I just finished my Groupon 20 class’s coupon and could not be happier with this place. The owner John is great all of the trainers are very supportive and always pushing you to your limit. I also enjoy the SCCF community. There is a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the members; I will definitely stick with SCCF after my Groupon expired.


Have you ever been to a gym that’s so crammed full of people that you a) feel like you don’t have enough space b) you’re waiting for room to work out on equipment you need to use c) are worried about safety d) feel like you’re wasting time and money without results? This ISN’T one of those gyms.

South Coast CrossFit is a huge gym which is fitted with new mats and equipment and staffed by some great trainers. You get small groups of workout classes with certified instructors- these are seriously tough workouts but they are scale-able to your ability level and are totally worth putting in the effort. A day or two later and you KNOW you got a good workout.

When I joined I got set up with an instructor to take ‘elements’ classes, which are 3 one-on-one, 1 hour sessions teaching you technique so you don’t get hurt or get lost during workouts later on. I really liked the trainer I got set up with too. I currently live an extremely sedentary life so I was worried that I’d pass out or something and hate that I’d started CrossFit. This didn’t happen at all- the trainer watched me closely and made sure that I was feeling alight after each technique. He knew the right moments to give me a rest, and the right moments to spur me on. While the workout was tough, after I finished I felt great and proud of my hard work. At later classes and sessions I met more people from the gym who encouraged me to keep going- they’re all super nice and they’re at a variety of fitness levels!

If you want to give it a try, show up to their free Saturday sessions which are at 10am. It’s open to the public and never a waste of time even if you decide against joining. =)

- Satisfied Google Reviewer

The classes are tough but fun, the coaches (for the most part) are attentive and helpful, and the other participants are encouraging and inclusive. I’ve been in regular classes for less than two weeks and I’ve already gotten some great pointers on form and technique and learned some new skills. Every time I go I get more excited to come back!

- Emily M.

Well run operation. Trainers are top notch. - Satisfied Fast Start 20 Sessioneer

Looking forward to spending a lot of time there. - Satisfied Fast Start 20 Sessioneer

Great teacher. Clean place. Fun environment. - Satisfied Fast Start 20 Sessioneer

Keep on doing what you are doing. Great experience so far. - Satisfied Fast Start 20 Sessioneer

I am an endurance junkie – Ironman kind of stuff. Never ever though I would be doing anything like CrossFit. It’s short and explosive. But I kept hearing about how great crossfit was, it was “off season” for me, and there was a groupon for this box, which conveniently was really close to my house.
This places rocks! I tried things, I’ve never done before and I never felt weak or silly doing it. Kelly and John are so encouraging and motivating, but completely understanding – you can scale each WOD to your own abilities. Facility is pretty neat – modern, no stinky socks smell and enough equipment for everyone.
I had a goal of qualifying for Boston marathon. I was going to attempt for the third time. But this time I did not run 6 times a week – I ran hard 3 times a week, 1 time easy and on my days off I was doing am swim and pm crossfit at SCCF. I scaled all WODs, because I was scared of being sore for too long and not being able to run my key runs. But let me tell you, even scaling kicked my behind. My gluts and hamstrings fired like never before from all the squats and box jumps. And getting to know THAT kind of pain that I got to know at SCCF, brought my stamina to the new level.
I ran LA marathon this past weekend 7 minuted under Boston qualifying time and I have SCCF to thank. I stopped going there 3 weeks before my event – I needed some taper. But I will be back soon. It is totally worth the price, time and effort. It pays you back. If you are an endurance athlete like me and on the fence about cross fit – have no doubt, it is what you need! And I can’t imagine a better place than South Coast Cross Fit to get it. - Ekaterina H.

I’ll start by saying I wasn’t initially that interested in crossfit. I am a highly competitive athlete and have been weight/strength training for nearly 12 years. After my first attempt at another crossfit affiliate, I was put through a mediocre “introduction” class followed by a longer than my intro class consultation which basically came down to money. I was asked for a large amount of money for something that “I’m definitely going to love” per the sole promise of the cf consultant.
Then…SCCF posted a groupon. A chance to try crossfit for 20 sessions for such a great introductory price. After signing up for the groupon, attending the introductory class going over the principles of crossfit/box expectations, providing my information, i went home to find my site login in my inbox and was ready to pursue crossfit.
Now, nearly 8 months later, I am at South Coast CrossFit five or six days a week with all my friends and I am in the best athletic/competitive shape of my life.
The Pros:
– Great people at the box (athletes, instructors/staff, and owners)
– Great location, equipment and facility
– Good workout programming (for all levels…crossfit is about pushing yourself)
The Cons:
– Classes can get impacted (they try to be accommodating but its not like you’re working out on someone)
I recommend based on my experiences:
– Follow directions after you buy the Groupon (there’s a groupon directions link on the southcoast crossfit site)
– Don’t show up to the intro class/on ramp/or any regular class at the scheduled time a class is starting and expect everyone to drop what their doing.
– CrossFit is not cheap, wherever you go, don’t have expectations that it is going to cost the same as your monthly gym membership. It’s next level personal training
– Bring It, taking it to the next level and changing your fitness/life takes the most commitment on your end. - Bobby C.

I couldnt ask for more in a work out, its one hour and packed full of gut wrenching sweat pouring work outs. I love getting in one of the best work outs i have had in a long long time in just an hour. Best cross fit! - Lindsay B.

I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes and the one great thing is that the culture of the gym keeps getting better and stronger. Everyone is friendly, supportive and welcoming of people of all fitness levels! Daniel S.

Started a few weeks ago. I’m not the fastest and not the slowest. I love this place. The instructors have been great and so are the people. I’m hooked and only look forward to getting stronger every class. Tanya D.

I’d been working out on my own for 2 years before I started at SCCF, and I always enjoyed it but never realized how much better it is with an awesome group of people! The coaches and members at SCCF truly put the “fun” in functional movement (yay bad puns) and it’s been so great getting to meet new people and learn new skills. - Emily M.

This is my first time ever trying any type of intense fitness. It has become a new lifestyle for me and I love the results that I’m seeing with the efforts I put into every class. The coaches at South Coast CrossFit have been great with teaching me the correct forms and techniques of CrossFit.  There’s always about 2-3 coaches in each class (one that observes and 2 that work out with you) and they step in to give you input on your form.  I love this type of correction because it helps me to become better.  It has only been 3 weeks since I started my group classes and I’m already starting to see muscle definition.  I thank South Coast CrossFit for teaching me this new lifestyle of finally loving my body.

- B.B.

I came across this place on Living Social and decided to give it a try. I’ve been a member of 3 other crossfit gyms, so I have SOME frame of reference for the quality of the gym. This is a small gym, as most crossfit gyms are, so the trainers can get to know you personally and spend a good amount of time working with you on your technique. Seth and John are especially helpful, friendly, and encouraging. While they are trying to sign new members from the trial memberships, they are not pushy salesman and give you the respect of making your own decision.
The workouts are amazing. We had triple-WOD’s (workout of the day), and would have so much fun competing with each other. For the first 2 weeks, I lost almost 7 pounds of fat and started seeing my abs peek through. By the second month, I was in the best shape of my life. Don’t be intimidated, though. Each workout can be tailored to each person’s ability, so no one is expecting a beginner to do 10 hand-stand push ups.
I am extremely happy with this gym and highly recommend it. 5 stars. - John R.

I am so happy I found South Coast Cross Fit, I have heard so many things about cross fit and couldn’t wait to try it out. Before cross fit I would be at the gym, trying to find available equipment to use, trying not to feel uncomfortable because I wasn’t the most in shape person there, and just trying to figure out how to use some of the equipment. This cross fit gym is amazing. I am constantly coached and challenged and never feel intimidated or unfit. I often feel like I am getting personal training sessions when I attend the classes. The other team members that attend the classes are amazing. There is such a strong feeling of positive energy there, someone is always cheering you on and always pushing you to do your best and do what you never thought possible, I can say I love cross fit now!!! Lindsay B.

OK, so I am usually the oldest person in the class and back surgery 5 months ago but I feel like one of the gang. People encourage you and John and the crew are great. Even though I am not at full capacity, I feel myself getting stronger. Did the Groupon deal and it is well worth it. - Karen M.

You have a great crew of coaches and especially the 6:00 crowd is a very tight nit and supportive group. As long as I have a job here in this area, you can count on me keeping my membership at SCCF. There’s just no better start into the day (unless I was up way too late, which rarely happens).
It’s amazing how far I’ve come in this one year. Fitness level aside: I used to have a lot of back problems. All the core strength training took care of that – The only time I had to head back to my Chiropractor was when I got a bit too ambitious with my deadlifts.
If recall correctly, my full membership started on July 8 last year – but I guess I was already hooked after the first four weeks 😉
One thing I really enjoy is coming in at lunchtime to do the Benchmark or Hero workouts – unless I get stuck at work like today.
Looking forward to the next year… - Uli G.

I just moved from NYC where I was a member of the CF Hells Kitchen Box for the last 2 years. Coming to California I knew there were plenty of boxes to choose from. I took advantage of the SCCF groupon deal which was a great way to get acquainted with a new box and if I didn’t like it the cost was de minimis. I must say that I have been thoroughly impressed with the coaching thus far and emphasis on technique and form. I had hope that I could bypass the on-ramp classes (basic CF mechanics) but I’m glad I didn’t. Every box is different in how they train and teach their members. I actually learned a few good tips from the on-ramp classes and it has helped me refocus on the areas which I didn’t pay as much attention to with my previous box. - Ryan D.

I travel a ton, but it is important to me to stay fit. I live in Katy, Texas, and I am a CrossFitter. I was recently in Orange County. I needed to get a quick work-out in. I called South Coast CrossFit although it was 10:00AM, and there wasn’t a regular class available Kelly the owner opened the gym just for me. I was so impressed with her level of care. If I ever move out to Orange County, I am joining South Coast CrossFit. Three words to describe my experience: Excellence, Satisfaction, Results. It was a great experience all around. The facility is spacious and very clean. Since CrossFit gyms are usually in warehouses it is rare that I have been to a gym that is so well kept. Great job South Coast CrossFit. Thanks for a great experience.

- Candice M.

This place has good trainers and a fun box. The trainers help you achieve goals and push you to meet them. Everyone that goes to this box are friendly and supportive. You should definitely check out this box. - Omar S.

I just finished my Groupon 20 class’s coupon and could not be happier with this place.  The owner John is great all of the trainers are very supportive and always pushing you to your limit. I also enjoy the SCCF community. There is a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the members; I will definitely stick with SCCF after my Groupon expired.

- Jimmy P.

Working out consistently has never been much of an issue for me, but changing up my routine from my usual cardio and weight training exercises has always been a problem. Even though i try to work out harder to maintain my fitness, I’m finding it more difficult to see any gains except in my waistline. Plus, I recently got married so I just don’t have the time or desire to run the extra mile, or do a bunch of crunches.

I’m new to crossfit, but it’s been awesome to change up the monotony of the same old exercises I’m used to and learn a lot of new ones.

If you’re like me, I’d suggest you check out sccf. I told a friend to sign up for a groupon with me and we try to make it twice a week to hangout, catch up, and stay healthy. - Ake S.

I have tried other workouts over the years…. Everything from pole dancing to kickboxing and I felt like I had hit a brick wall in terms of getting the results that I wanted. I was looking for a more challenging workout so I decided I would give crossfit a go and found a Groupon for a gym in my area… Needless to say I’m totally addicted after only 1.5 weeks! I feel like I am receiving the proper training at South Coast and there is no pressure to do more than you can. Everyone works at the pace that is proper for their level of fitness. The trainers are nice and really help with proper form (avoids injury!)… Definitely would recommend South Coast! - Kell R.

Bought a groupon deal, and it was so worth it! It’s been 2 months since I join South Coast Crossfit and I can see improvements on my upper body strength. I’ve been weak my whole life and looking forward to feel strong really soon.

- Sha S.

I am beyond excited about joining South Coast CrossFit. Redeeming my Groupon was very easy and the deal I got was amazing. The only tip I have is to google the street view as I had a difficult time finding it.

-Happy Customer

Overall, I’ve have been thoroughly enjoying my classes at South Coast CrossFit and would definitely recommend this place to others! I like that the trainers know what they are doing and are very helpful during the classes! Keep kicking my butt and I’ll keep enjoying it! - Satisfied Fast Start 20 Sessioneer

This place is great, the trainers are really helpful with no exceptions it’s as if you are in a private session they teach you and follow up till you get the right form. I recommend that place awesome results, it’s addictive.

- Mohammed E.

This was my first Box ever……awesome trainers…amazing workouts…motivating people…So thankful to have found crossfit…definitely recommend checkin them out.

- Crystal L.

This place rocks! The coaches are great. They are inspiring, tough, and funny, even at 6am on a Monday. The members are friendly and helpful, and very encouraging. I push myself harder than I ever have before because of the awesome group spirit. If they have a Groupon or Amazon Local deal, check it out. I did it 9 months ago, and I am now a devoted member.

- Richard

Everybody I have come across at cross fit has been really nice. I have some medical problems and it is embarrassing for me to not be able to run as fast as everybody else or lift as much. The trainers push me just enough but I never feel ridiculed if I have to walk. All in all great cross fit work out. I have never felt as good as I do when I am walking away from a WOD.

- Monica Q.

There is so much to say, but so far everyone seems awesome. I’ve taken three on ramp classes so far and I’ve definitely had my ass kicked. Lots of squats love it!  All the instructors have been very knowledgeable and helpful. You do have to sign up in advance, but I don’t mind considering I’m a planner!  They are busy! Definitely worth it. I don’t see what everyone is complaining about. Stop being so sensitive!!!

- Happy Customer

I have only been to 4 classes and so far they have been a learning experience and fun. I am so sore already and I know I am going to see results. Seth is a great coach, he pushes you just enough without getting annoying (I don’t like when people scream in my face when I am working out) I am already comfortable here and Seth knows me by name, that means a lot. If I can afford it I will definitely sign up for a membership.

- Allison S.

Wish they have later schedules at night. I’m so impressed with Jack. He’s a great instructor and as a newbie he doesn’t make you feel awkward. Always encouraging you to do more. Thinking of signing up soon! 🙂

– We now have classes going til 9:15 PM. -Owner

- Honey M.

First timer over here so maybe I’m bias but I love how j. K. Is very thorough. He explains all the movements very very well. So Far so good.

- Brenda F.

I’ve heard about Crossfit years ago when a friend of mine from my Jeet Kun Do class became an instructor at a location a few cities away.  He was a really fit individual when he left but when I saw him again about a year later, he was cut beyond belief.  I knew that I had to try this Crossfit thing out.  Work, kids, etc. got in the way of that plan but when Amazon offered this great deal with South Coast Crossfit, I talked my wife to go and try it out with me.  I’ve been active all my life in one kind of sport or another and the workout there still kicked my arse.  If you’re looking to get in shape like you have never been before, this is the real deal.  Try it.

Shelly W.’s criticism of the Amazon deal isn’t fair.  The Amazon deal is an introduction deal, to expect anything more is unrealistic IMHO.  The more advanced phase of training involves lots of Olympic style lifts that require some coaching to insure that the participants do not get hurt.  There is no way you’re going to get that from an introduction course.

The owners of the gym are very nice and they seem to actively develop a supportive culture in the gym.  So, it’s nice to go there.  Think of Cheers without the beer and the beer belly.

- Michael

Place gives a great workout! Been here a couple times and I’m hooked.

- Jackie D.

My wife and I finished our Amazon program and the Beginner Series offered at South Coast Crossfit and we love it!!!  It was a great place to train and we would have signed up to be members there forever, but we’re moving and we’re very sad that we can’t train there anymore.

You should go try it out, it’s a life changing experience. That comes from me, someone who has trained in one thing or another all his life, and from my wife, someone who has never trained in anything consistently over her whole life.

- Michael D. Update

My brother recommended Crossfit to me after the results he was seeing from doing it. He is a rock climber, and he couldn’t stop raving about how much better he was getting from adding CrossFit to his workout regimen. 

I decided to come to South Coast CrossFit after visiting several other gyms in the area this one was by far the best. Plenty of equipment, great trainers with a ton of experience. After choosing South Coast CrossFit, I already feel I made the best choice.  I’ve been working out here for the past month and it is totally starting to change my life.  The people are great and very encouraging.  Nothing helps me to want to succeed more than this awesome, encouraging environment. 

The coaches are great at offering help and instruction in proper lifting techniques.  Everyday I feel myself becoming more healthy and my confidence has gone through the roof. I was a dancer, and I am hoping to get back to that very soon. South Coast CrossFit is helping me get there faster.

Update: I am definitely getting in the best shape of my life.  If you are looking for a great Crossfit gym then this is the place to be.

- Anne K.

I was visiting the Irvine area for a conference and in need of a box to workout. I found South Coast CrossFit not far from the hotel I was staying at near the airport. From the moment I walked in until I left I was inspired by the camaraderie and positive energy I got from the group. 
My trainer Seth went out of his way to make sure I was up prepared for the WOD by running through form with me prior. I also noticed that he stayed attentive to each member that day, cheering them on and correcting form or bad habits along the way.
I would recommend to anyone visiting the area or looking to join a box that they check out South Coast CrossFit.

- Elli T.

I started at SCCF about three months ago and have loved it ever since. I feel at home when i go to the box, but with the exception of that i get my butt kicked. The staff, and members have all become very helpful. It is a bit crowded in some of the prime time like 615pm and 715pm but they have implemented that members get priority in the classes, so adding in is not a problem.

- Ferdie A.

I had been contemplating doing CF for a while (friends kept saying how much they loved it) and finally decided to jump in and try it.

A bit about myself first. I am a pretty fit guy in my mid 20’s, 6’1″, around 180 lbs and try to workout at least 3 days a week. I have been going to a gym for a couple of years and would say if you saw me on the street you’d think yea he works out and plays a lot of sports. However, recently, I have been feeling like I am getting stuck in a rut at the gym and am loosing that fine edge (motivation and whatnot) that I felt when I first started.
After hearing all of this craze about CF I decided to give it a shot. And boy am I glad I did! It really is a new and awesome experience. Overall CF focuses on a more full-body approach to fitness and honestly I cannot emphasize how important this has been! In less than a months time my max squat went up almost 90 lbs and my knee pain has disappeared completely! My core is stronger and I feel like everyday tasks are easier. My posture was not the best (sitting at a desk most of the day) but now I notice that I am sitting up and standing straighter and I am not having to always think about it. Overall, this is by far the best fitness choice I have ever made in my life (including P90X and Insanity). I thought I was a fit guy, but man after just a couple of classes it was humbling to see how weak different parts of my body really were.
But before I get to carried way about CF, I must mention that John (the owner) is an amazing guy. CF focus on a lot of movements that are new to many people and form is of utmost importance. John takes a personal interest in helping everyone feel secure and confident in doing things correctly. It isn’t about how much weight you can put up, but keeping a steady and fast pace with good form! The other trainers are great as well and I feel as though there is a positive spirit that helps everyone feel as though we’re all on one team! 
If you are wanting to try something new, or feel as though your fitness goals are becoming harder and harder to reach, please give CF a shot! You will be amazed! And don’t make excuses about how old or weak you are, South Coast CrossFit will make you a stronger and fitter person I promise you.

- David S.

My friends from Los Angeles recommended CrossFit to me and I’m been looking around for a CrossFit gym near where I live. I went to CrossFit.com and I found South Coast CrossFit on the main website. I dropped by to check everything out. I usually work out weekday mornings. They had a trial class/intro available. I went to try it out. It was great meeting the Owner, and I got to do a great CrossFit workout. I was surprised to learn that the gym just opened, and it’s interesting to think that I can be part of the gym as it builds from the ground up. I have tried out 4 other CrossFit gyms in the area. They each have their own culture, but I really loved the feel of South Coast CrossFit. I am going through my Elements classes now. I am really excited about my decision. The coaches are awesome, and I can really tell they care about my success. Thanks!

- Albert

This place is great, the trainers are really helpful with no exceptions it’s as if you are in a private session they teach you and follow up till you get the right form. I recommend that place awesome results, I got addicted to that place.

- Mohammed

I was interested in doing crossfit for quite some time. I finally saw an amazing deal on groupon for 20 classes only being $40.00. I thought this would be the perfect way to start Crossfit and see if I like it. Coming to South Coast Crossfit I had no idea what to expect. I am so glad that this is my first Crossfit I have attended. There is such great structure here. Before being able to attend the group classes you must take 6 on ramp classes which show you proper form and prepare you for the group classes. Proper form and being safe about lifting is of upmost importance to them. I really appreciated the fact that they taught me they keys to proper form. Once I felt comfortable to move on to the group classes I was able to. All the instructors (Autumn, John, Seth, Bobby, etc) are so nice, knowledgeable and are constantly motivating you to keep going. I honestly never thought I was capable to do most of the things I can do in Crossfit (You really do push your body to the limit and will be more than happy with the results). I am happy with my results and progress. If you are thinking about signing up with Crossfit I do suggest signing up with South Coast Crossfit. You will get awesome instructors, great motivation, and more of a family environment where you can learn and help one another. You wont be disappointed with South Coast Crossfit, I sure wasn’t. 🙂

- Lucy G.

Just look at the latest pictures posted to see that this box is so much more than other boxes. This past weekend not only were there the regular Sat. and Sun. classes, which so many others don’t even offer, but three different activities were being held for diverse members interests. John took a group to a fabulous rock climbing event, there was a group of members competing and showing how awesome they are at obstacle courses and mud, and then all were invited to the beach for a paleo dinner and fun get together with others from the box. What a way to dive into summer fun!

- Paul K.