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Don’t Settle For Mediocrity

Everyone likes to be comfortable, it’s only natural. But the path the majority of us follows, leads straight to the sacrifice of our health and quality of life. Instead of derailing the problems destroying your life, you look for distractions and hope the problem doesn’t grow larger. This is mediocrity at its worst and it’s killing your chances of success.

The old adage “Who you spend time with is who you become” isn’t just a phrase, it’s a reality, and SCCFamily is who you want to spend your time with as your CrossFit companions!

Without committing to the programming of South Coast CrossFit, who has laid out the path to success for hundreds, wherever you may choose to go instead, you will probably gain a little bit more knowledge but end up with no difference in RESULTS.

South Coast CrossFit = RESULTS

So how do you know South Coast CrossFit is right for you?

It’s simple. Over 100’s of massively changed lives at South Coast CrossFit! People just like you, applying South Coast CrossFit’s program and experiencing results “I never would have dreamed was possible” as clients have testified to over and over again. It’s no joke; hundreds of testimonials stream in year after year. They can be found throughout our website.

The difference between another year of trudging along the the same-old path of losing strength, energy and growing disappointment and a new year full of purpose, excitement and reaching your desired fitness goals, is committing to South Coast CrossFit and showing up consistently at least 3 times a week.

You may feel entrenched and hopeless; none of that matters. The power of focusing on the proper route to change your circumstances will bring you exactly what you need to get out of the trench, find hope and see results.

Are you ready for RESULTS?

Still Not Convenienced?

6 Reasons We’re Different from other Memberships

Amazing Results

We’ve collected hundreds of stories and we’ve seen many of our clients lose hundreds of pounds and invigorate their lives. The stories found on our website will create inspiration and belief into you!

Awesome Offers

From our affordable 20 Session Fast Start immediately followed be our 3 month Initiation Membership you will receive exclusive access Coaching and guided nutrition and supplementation recommendations personally tailored to give you maximum results! These bonuses were specifically created with the goal of your success and sustaining your new healthy lifestyle.

Real Solutions

Most memberships give you a short-term solution for your life. With our membership we don’t give you the quick-fix, we give you a plan for sustainable and a long-term lifestyle design for healthy living!

CrossFit a Proven Program

With over 40+ years of crazy, awesome results, you can utilize CrossFit’s amazing program. You can start experiencing a complete shift in your life today! You will feel and see the results immediately.

A Community Effort

The South Coast CrossFit Family is an amazing community that you will become a part of for encouragement and support from like-minded individuals. You don’t have to do it alone! You can keep yourself accountable and be encouraged by others.

Reliable Content

We pride ourselves on releasing only the best, tested, and Proven programs and content anywhere. We give you specific steps to break THROUGH obstacles and plateaus found in most other fitness programs, so you can have the success you deserve. You’re in good hands!