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CrossFit is, quite simply, the “sport of fitness.” We’ve learned that harnessing the natural camaraderie, competition and fun of sport or game yields an intensity that cannot be matched by other means.



CrossFit is functional movements; like squatting, pushing, pressing, pulling and running done at high intensity; which typically means under a time constraint. Workout patterns called WODs (Work Out of the Day) are never random yet they are always varied to awaken the body’s metabolism to burn fat and build muscle.

CrossFit is safe and natural for the body because it  focuses on movements the body was born to do. These functional movement categories are found in life, all sports and develop the bodies capacity to function properly and safely for any age and level. CrossFit is about community, personal wealth and well-being. Athletes and coaches support and encourage one another building worth, courage, and the ability to be and do what your heart dreams.”


“A lasting bond is felt among those who CrossFit which supersedes the boundaries of age and physical capabilities – this differentiates CrossFit from ALL other sport and fitness programs on Earth” – John L. King

On Ramp

CMSCCFM2226 On Ramp is designed to introduce the key concepts of CrossFit.

Key concepts include : Olympic lifts, power lifts, basic body weight movement, kettlebell and medicine ball, mobility, warm up and warm down stretches, soreness mitigation, and scaling. On-ramp is also about sharing in the South Coast CrossFit community, pushing yourself and others while exploring the possibilities of achieving your fitness goals. It is recommended that an athlete pairs their On-ramp experience with CrossFit Lean and/or Nutrition.


Once you complete On Ramp you will receive a certificate of Completion. And be cleared for regular CrossFit sessions.



No fad diets here. Nutrition class looks at the value of food, how to forage, cooking strategies for a busy active life and what we receive by how we eat. Nutrition is behavior and food knowledge each class is a group discussion into how we might refine the fitness triangle to reach our personal goals for health optimization .







CrossFit Lean

No Barbell, No Problem…

If you love CrossFit but need a barbell break CrossFit Lean is for you. Class focuses on high energy, low complexity body weight and cardiovascular movement strategies to melt excess body weight. CrossFit Lean will develop better pacing for regular CrossFit, increase lung capacity and oxygen uptake; this translates into the speed for faster WOD times.

Athletes do not need On-ramp class to participate.

This program is recommended for anyone new to CrossFit in need of conditioning or anyone returning to CrossFit after a long break. This program allows your body time to adjust to the hard work and still boasts amazing RESULTS.

Proven Bootcamp

Corporate Wellness meets CrossFit

Transplant Crossfit or CrossFit Lean programs in your business to increase health and productivity. Proven is highly adaptive and integrates a “proven” fitness regiment in-house for convenient results.

Proven has lowered companies insurance premiums. Proven has encouraged employee retention. Proven is a solution to cooperative dilemmas in the work place.

Oly Lifting

Advanced Olympic Style Lifting

Athletes further develop their technique and form for the snatch and the clean and jerk. A refined understanding of Olympic lifts extends beyond barbell work creating explosive force and power that transitions into every category of sport.


Why we train : The goal of CrossFit and Olympic style lifting is to improve efficiency for movement. Developing efficiency translates into lifting heavier weight for the Olympic standard while increasing the speed and ease in which an athlete can lift during a CrossFit workout. All-in-all training enforces the muscle memory in our central nervous system to do great things and keep us safe.


South Coast CrossFit Bear CrawlThe California Bear™

This is a South Coast CrossFit exclusive and cannot be found at any of our competitor fitness programs currently.

Ground based movement crawling, planking, and stability body work. We will leverage our body’s natural interaction with gravity. This class is shorter at 40 mins and is for intermediate/advanced athletes ready to skyrocket their fitness and strength.

This program will develop grace and muscle toning. It is a mentally challenging class that will produce strength and mobility gains through complex movements that require a greater recruitment of muscles, dynamic stability, and mobility.



Mobility is a broad concept used for active recovery that comprises joint range of motion, muscular tension, soft tissue, tendon resilience, neuromusclular coordination, the biomechanics of positioning, and knowledge of proper form for a movement. What sounds like a lot of science for moving well and becoming pain-free.

Mobility = Greater Access to Your Power



Recovery Yoga

Yoga is a discipline including breathing control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific body postures, for health, relaxation and recovery. CrossFit movements bring “into the body” and yoga “brings out from the body.”  Recovery Yoga is designed with sensitivity to the workouts preformed during the week. Recovery is achieved by matching out flowing movements with the in-flowing movements of the week. This Yoga technique was pioneered at South Coast CrossFit exclusively.


Sled Push Training

Test Your Fitness

Happily Married Couple

For the first 2 weeks, I lost almost 7 pounds of fat and started seeing my abs peek through. By the second month, I was in the best shape of my life. Don’t be intimidated, though. Each workout can be tailored to each person’s ability, so no one is expecting a beginner to do 10 hand-stand push ups.

- John R.

 The beginner on-ramp classes were perfect for me, a first time to cross fit, and I’ve officially jumped into the group classes. I have a lot to learn but am extremely impressed with the instructors and the variances in classes.

- Sergio G.

So far I am impressed, I have heard a lot of stories from my colleagues and clients about the lack of proper handing of equipment from cross fits but I have seen this not to be the case. John the owner of the gym was very thorough about what to expect during the intro; he emphasized proper pacing, communication and using the trainers as a resource to learn and grow as athletes.

- Leigh R.

In the short time that I’ve been going to SCCF, I’ve noticed my strength increasing and I really enjoy working out other than just running. All the Coaches are really encouraging which makes me determined to get in the best workout I can. I totally recommend SCCF!

- Adrienne M.

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