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We remain a locally owned and operated family business. South Coast CrossFit co-founders John and Kelly King from a young age have learned the value of setting a goal, working hard, providing a quality training program dating back to 2001, and impacting people’s lives through dedication, mentorship, and service to help people achieve their dreams and desires. Both John and Kelly were athletic gymnasts from a young age. Kelly carried it through cheering at  a collegiate level, competing Division II on a National level.  As a couple they chose to dedicate their lives to their passion and love for fitness and health longevity with the dream to change thousands of peoples lives. John and Kelly have set an example of fitness in their own lives through Kelly continuing CrossFit during both her pregnancies and since their son’s early days spending hours having fun in the gym together as a family. They set out to help others GET FIT in the Orange County community. They are running South Coast CrossFit as well as several fitness and wellness programs at multiple locations throughout Orange County.

South Coast CrossFit is one of the earliest and most established CrossFit program’s in the Costa Mesa/ Newport Beach/ Irvine/Santa Ana areas. 


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